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Sona Original Spares

Sona Original Spares

Sona Machinery is a customer-centric organization committed to providing authentic spare products to its millers to ensure customer satisfaction and benefit.

In the agro-processing industry,

The constant functioning of machines leads to wear and tear of various components over a period, which requires the replacement of the worn-out parts of the heavy machinery. Without this, the plant’s entire production and operation are hampered, resulting in enormous losses to be born by the rice millers. Unavailability of spare parts eventually hampers production, with the plant not running for many days. Massive wastage of workforce and other resources are incurred due to the plants’ non-operational. 

After installation and functioning of the mill, few milling machinery parts require replacement due to constant wear and tear. Still, as there is an immense scarcity of spare parts in the market, it is challenging to look out for an accessible alternative. Replacing the manufacturer’s original pieces with the local products may have an adverse effect on the machines. The locally procured parts may need replacement very often, owing to their low quality. Using inferior quality spare parts in the devices may bring down the life expectancy of the machine, and it may even affect its proficiency in production. 

Sona Machinery is an innovative team of professionals dedicated to improving the world through our solutions. In our quest to serve the customers the best of the products, the spare parts offered by Sona Machinery are of the highest quality, which increases the machine’s life at a reasonable and affordable price for the millers. 

Besides, authentic and original high-quality spare parts, transparent business engagements, timely delivery of consignments, and easy payment options are some factors that help productivity remain tuned, rendering an edge over the others. Sona Machinery took this initiative to overcome and address compatibility issues. The spare parts are readily available through Sona Machinery’s CP, sales and service.