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Sona Machinery Participation in 23rd International Rice Grain Pro Tech Expo 2022

Sona Machinery's Participation in 23rd International Rice Grain Pro Tech Expo 2022

We are delighted to announce our participation in the 23rd International Rice Grain Pro Tech Expo 2022 to be held on the 10th, 11th and 12th of June in Ludhiana, Punjab. Visit our stall to experience the synergy of modernized automated rice milling machinery that extends the scope of trade.


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Glimpse of Rice Grain Pro Tech Expo 2022, Ludhiana

Sona Machinery at 23rd International Rice Grain Pro Tech Expo 2022

Sona Machinery Pvt. Ltd., a unanimously renowned name in the agro-machinery industry, recently participated in Rice Grain Pro Tech Expo 2022, Ludhiana. The Expo is among the most preferable and significant International technology-oriented exhibitions and conferences held in Pan India for machinery manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, mill owners, and owners of processing units. The three-day event was held on June 10-12, 2022, at the JIFCO Resorts, Ludhiana, Punjab.

Rice Grain Pro Tech Expo 2022 is the nation’s most sought-after and extensive International technology-oriented exhibition and conference on grain milling machinery, spice processing machinery, solvent extraction plant & machinery. These are pieces of excellence in cleaning, grading, sorting, automation & electrical, roofing & PEB, warehousing, grain Silos & storage, packaging material & packaging machinery and its allied industry. The Expo aimed to target different markets of the specific region and its neighbours in the Indian grain milling industry.

Ludhiana is an important connecting centre point for Northern India, which combines Punjab and Haryana, the two most prominent agricultural basins of northern India. These states have been more or less consistent in their grain production, justifying the name ‘bread basket’.

Heavy investments in the grain milling and processing industry were estimated, which positively affected the industry. As per industry experts- millers, exporters and owners of processing units earned a good profit in the previous financial year. Hence it is believed that the owners might opt for expansion in their current unit or plant, or they may go for new units in the fit to expand their business peripherals.

Sona Machinery, a pioneer, understands that the industry has been undergoing recurring challenges. Therefore, to aid its miller partners in conquering these difficulties, it exhibited its expanding portfolio of leading automated and modernized grain processing machinery solutions through this exhibition.

Sona Machinery is working relentlessly to aggressively expand the customer base in Punjab and Haryana regions to emerge as the preferred equipment supplier for rice millers, backed by the superior performance of state-of-the-art machines and strong after-sales support.

The Expo served as a significant podium to connect with customers, wherein new products were exhibited and showcased for customer education. Direct interaction with the customers was a massive success experiencing an overwhelming response that yielded strong on-the-spot booking orders.

The machine that grabbed all eyeballs at the Expo was the Silky Polisher. It was the most sought-after product. Advantages of silky polisher that made it shine high among its competitive companions, making it the show stopper:

·   A unique system applies humidity-controlled atomized air in precise amounts that help ensure the milled rice kernel’s brilliant, smooth surface.

·   Special steel for feeding screw and ridged cylinder guarantees long life.

·   Reduced machine height for sturdy operation.

The three-day event apparelled to be a massive success for the organizers and the participants, simultaneously. Rice Millers Association was impressed by the plethora of quality products offered by Sona Machinery. Furthermore, a detailed discussion among the top influencers was held regarding the future of the agro-processing industry and its allied industry.


With the emerging contours of the future, especially in this post-pandemic era, demand is catching up fast as things are eventually falling into place. As per the current market trends and the surge in positivity in the post-harvesting industry, machinery manufacturers need to stand firm to serve the industry for the social and economic growth of the farmers, millers, manufacturers and the nation as a whole.