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Seeds & Grains Machinery

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Seeds & Grains Machinery

For post-harvest processing of various grains and seeds (like wheat, maize, millet), the Sona Machinery’s innovative, technology-driven machines can be used.

The top-of-line processing machines manufactured in our well-equipped, world-class manufacturing infrastructure are an excellent option for processing grains and seeds. The machines are equally efficient in cleaning, sorting, handling, and grading grains and seeds. In addition, we adhere to the best quality and quantity standards, emphasizing the manufacturing process.

Industries we cater to:

  • Seeds
  • Soya
  • Maise
  • Millet
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • & other grain

Machinery we offer:

  • Pre Cleaners
  • Paddy Cleaners
  • Fine Cleaners
  • Destoners
  • Thickness Graders
  • Length Graders
  • Multi Graders
  • Paddy Separators
  • De huskers
  • Rice Whitener
  • Silky Rice Polisher
  • Conveyors
  • Elevators
  • Feeders
  • Grain Dischargers