Vibro Classifier Separator VCS 1200 (8 to 10 Tph)

Weight 750 kg

Dimensions 2000 × 1200 × 1595 mm

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Vibro Classifier Separator for separation and cleaning of grain.

Vibro Classifier Separator or VCS could be used as both cleaner and separator. It works on the principle of continuous vibration and cleaning through different sieves.

The paddy or the grain is entered from the top, which flows over the first sieve, which is wider than the grain and removes big impurities, like straws, leaves, stones etc, the grain is then sent to a second sieve which is thinner than the grain and small impurities like, dust particles or broken grain is separated.

2 imported Vibro motors are installed on each side which ensures continuous flow of grain.

It is also mounted with an aspiration system, which helps in removing dust, mud and immature paddy.

VCS 1000 Model is also available.

Advantages of Vibro Classifier Separator:

  • Fully enclosed body for dust-free operation.
  • Low maintenance and high accuracy of the machine.
  • Vibrating screen cleaning method.
  • Adjustable inclination as per grain.
  • 2 Level cleaning and separation.
  • Best for Dal, legumes, paddy, beans, seeds, etc.

Additional information

Weight 750 kg
Dimensions 2000 × 1200 × 1595 cm
Power Consumption

1 HP + 1 HP Vibro Motors

Input Capacity

8 to 10 Ton\Hour

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