Stone Separator PR5 (6TPH)

Power Consumption  M/C 11.5 HP and Blower 3 HP

Input Capacity (Paddy)  4 to 6 Ton per Hour


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Stone Separator for removal of stones from Paddy.

Stone Separator for removal of small stones, which cannot be removed by cleaners and create

the problem for other machineries like Rice whiteners, Silky Polisher and Graders.

Stone Separators are useful for removal of small stones. It, in turn, increase the life of other

machinery and also improves the quality 0f final output.

Our stone separators are made with state of the art technology and remove stones with 99% accuracy.

PR10 stone separators are also available.


Advantages of Stone Separators

  • Efficient & Precise separation of stones and heavy material based on density difference.
  • Adjustable table inclination and air volume of the machine.
  • Provided with closed circuit dust aspiration system.
  • Fitted with imported vibro motors for trouble-free, long life and low noise operation.

Additional information

Weight 635 kg
Dimensions 207.4 × 86.1 × 195.9 cm
Power Consumption

M/C 11 HP and Blower 3 HP

Input Capacity (Paddy)

4 to 6 Ton per Hour

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