Sona Rice Batch Blender RKB 30 (4-5 TPH)

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In order to ease out the process of Rice Blending, mostly in the case of Rice with Fortified Rice Kernel, Sona machinery Pvt. Ltd. has developed the new machinery RBB 30, implemented with the most advanced technology of PLC, Pneumatic and mechanical. For the convenience of our customers, the machine is equipped with an HMI display, which ensures easy and friendly machine handling.

Working concept: The machine uses both mechanical and PLC techniques, the concept is simple to mix 2 or 3 different kinds of Rice according to a fixed ratio. The machine has an HMI display, which can be used to set the required blending percentage. The pneumatic gates will open once the set weight of the rice is achieved. The weighing cells constantly weigh the rice flowing in the container and when the required ratio is achieved, the pneumatic gates open to send the batch for further mixing. This process continues constantly.

The Machine is convenient for 4 to 5 Tph Line.

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Dimensions 111 × 129 × 141 cm

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