Rotary Drum Cleaner DRC 25 (up to 50 Tph)

Weight 3000 kg

Dimensions 2050 × 1820 × 2945 mm

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Rotary Drum Pre-Cleaner for cleaning in high quantities.

Rotary Drum Pre Cleaner or DRC is used to remove oversized and undersized impurities in from the grain. It is capable of cleaning high quantities of grain with minimum power usage.

Strongly built to withstand heavy load and for long life. It has 2 drums with sieves of different sizes.

Inner sieve has wide holes, therefore, oversized impurities remain in it and thrown out from the end of the drum and outer sieve has smaller holes, therefore, dust and small impurities are thrown out of it and the good paddy is collected at the other end.

With power usage of only 5 HP motor, this machines is recommended for the high volume of pre-cleaning at a reasonable cost.

On Paddy, it can work 25 Tph and on small seeds, it can go up to 50 Tph.

DRC 40 Model is also available.

Advantages of DRC 25:

– Robust design and long-lasting structure.
– Low maintenance and high accuracy of the machine.
– 2 Drum Sieves for removal of oversized and undersized impurities.
– More quantity of cleaning at lower power usage.
– Side windows for easy sieve change.
– An adjustable inclination for maintaining the flow as per grain.
– Continuous drum rotation assures the continuous flow of grain.

Additional information

Weight 3000 kg
Dimensions 505 × 182 × 294.5 cm
Power Consumption

5 HP

Input Capacity

25 To 50 Ton\Hour

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