Paddy & Rice Separator RPS 20 (4Tph)

Power Consumption  3 HP

Input Capacity Paddy (TPH)  4 Ton per Hour

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Paddy & Rice Separator for separation of husk from the paddy.

Paddy and Rice Separator used for removing the husk and to get the rice.

This machine is used once the paddy is shelled by the Huskers. Higher output can be gained by

Speed adjustment.

20 Trays made with stainless steel for minimum wear and tear.

Fully automated with the facility of using the single deck. The grain is separated in 3 variants, i.e, Rice, Mixture and Paddy. Mixture and Paddy is sent back to huller for dehulling, thus getting optimum accuracy.

Advantages of Paddy & Rice Separator:

  • Higher output with adjustable speed (optional).
  • Separations in three distinct classifications: Paddy, Brown rice and Mixture.
  • The mixture is sent again for separation and Paddy is sent to sheller again.
  • Stainless steel trays to minimise wear & tear.
  • Sensor for flow indication.

Additional information

Weight 650 kg
Dimensions 168 × 202 × 206 cm
Power Consumption

3 HP

Input Capacity Paddy (TPH)

4 Ton per Hour

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