Paddy Cleaner PCS 1 (6Tph)

Weight 1250 Kg

Dimensions 2960*1890*2415 cm

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Paddy Cleaner or Screen Cleaners for removing impurities prior to

sending the paddy for destoning.

Paddy Cleaners also referred to as Screen Cleaners are used to clear of impurities from the grain

before sending the paddy for further processing. This in turn increases the life of other machinery and provide

a better yield and product.

It clears impurities like Straws, small metal parts, stones, dust, plastic caches, etc.

Works on all types of grain and pulses for removing impurities.

PCS 2 Model is also available.


Advantages of Paddy Cleaner

  • Robust design and long-lasting structure.
  • Low Maintenance and high accuracy of the machine.
  • High Input capacity.
  • Special Grade metal sieve and wooden laminated frames are used.
  • M/C has an integral fan, fixed speed drives and motors.

Additional information

Weight 1250 kg
Dimensions 296 × 189 × 241.5 cm
Power Consumption

7.5 HP for M/C and 2 HP for Blower

Input Capacity (Paddy)

4 to 6 Ton per hour

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