Fine Cleaner F 12 (6Tph)

Weight 1300 kg

Dimensions 2960 × 1520 × 2400 cm


Fine Cleaners for removing Rice Tip or very fine particles from Grain.

Fine Cleaners as the name suggests is used for removing very fine particles from rice grain or other grains.

They are generally used prior to sending the grain for sorting or colour sorting.

Fine Cleaners are used to get the perfect graded final product and to remove broken

rice tips and bran powder from the grain.

F 15 (8Tph) Model also available.

Advantages of Fine Cleaner:

  • Low maintenance and high accuracy machine
  • Special grade metal sieve and german bearings used
  • Wooden laminated frames used to provide better results.
  • M/C has an integral fan, fixed speed drives and motors.
  • Easily remove the broken tip of rice/grain.




Additional information

Weight 1300 kg
Dimensions 296 × 152 × 240 cm
Power Consumption

M/C 7.5 HP and Blower 2 HP

Input Capacity

4 to 6 Ton per Hour

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