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Mookambika Rice and Grains Tech Expo – 2022

Sona Machinery- Mookambika Rice and Grains Tech Expo - 2022

Sona at Mookambika Rice & Grain Tech Expo 2022, one of the leading agro-processing industry’s expositions, covering rice and grains manufacturing machines and technology solutions in Hyderabad. Participating in exhibitions provided an excellent platform for reaching out to the larger target market and creating brand awareness through direct interactions with prospective buyers and business entities. The Mookambika Expo endowed the opportunity to branch out to business-to-business trading, which acted as a catalyst for networking development.

Sona Machinery exhibited its expanding portfolio of leading automated and modernised processing machinery in the rice and grain processing industry. It has a vast assortment of products catering to the industry’s increasing demand, with the latest addition to the collection being the Automatic FRK Blender. RKB30. The company experienced an overwhelming response from the participating Grain Processing Industrialists and Rice Millers, who lauded the latest collection of excellent work in machinery. Its strong presence in the expo was exhibited by healthy order booking.

The top influential leaders like Telengana Rice Mill President praised Sona Machinery during the symposium with the top management for its commendable work empowering the grain millers economically and technically. The top leaders of their respective domains had a detailed and elaborate discussion on various aspects related to the future of the Rice mill sector. Policies, plans, and strategies were discussed and exchanged with respect to the further, encouraging the R&D sector to develop and innovate more enhanced technology to increase production with precision and accuracy. Great emphasis was laid on creating and sustaining quality and quantity standards.

The emerging contours of the future of the rice industry in India are pretty promising, and Sona Machinery is leaving no stone unturned to bring in the much-needed substantial change. As Sona Machinery believes in performance with precision and perfection

Our Bestseller at the Mookambika Expo 2022 – RKB30

The showstopper, an awe-inspiring product- the RKB30, garnered praises from all attendee customers and competitor participants at the Expo. An expert engineered masterpiece, the RKB30 was the talk of the town for its multitasking ability, which is weighing, blending and packaging all at one station. This unique feature of RKB30 is designed to increase efficiency and reduce efforts, eventually resulting in low operation and manual cost.

RKB30 is a complete automatic mechanism with its capacity ranging from 4 TPH to 10 TPH. Moreover, its effortless calibration process makes operation more manageable and efficient for its customers with negligible maintenance. In addition, the unique feature of the innovative blending machine, empowering the user to store reports in USB, makes it a market differentiator.



The persistent and robust team of Sona Machinery has been working relentlessly towards bringing a positive and substantial change in the milling industry. To help the Rice millers in their noble initiative, Sona Machinery innovated and developed the fully automatic Fortified Rice Kernel Blender – The RKB30, a solution for weighing, blending and packaging, all in a single station.