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Ethanol Grain Milling Plant

Grain Based Distillery Milling Solutions


We offer EPC solutions for Grain Based Distillery Plants. With the government policy of increasing ethanol production by 2025 under the scheme of E20, many new installations for grain-based distilleries are on the surge. Sona Machinery provides a complete end-to-end solution for the milling section, from the unloading of the grain to pre-mash. 

Apart from Grain-Based Ethanol Distillery Manufacturing & Solution, we also manufacture almost all the machinery and equipment required like Grain Cleaning Machines, Destoning Machines, Material Handling Equipment, and Pre Fabricated Flour Silos.



  • Process Engineering
  • Machinery Supply & installation
  • Structure Fabrication
  • Grain Storage Silos
  • Pre-fabricated Flour Silos
  • Complete Electrical Erection & Commissioning

Why Us?

  •  27 Years of experience in Grain Based Industry.
  •  80% of Machinery & Equipment are manufactured inhouse.
  •  Strategically built internal infrastructure.
  •  More than 10000 happy customers in India & abroad.
  •  Strong Manufacturing capabilities equipped with cutting-edge technology.
  • 10500 sq. meters of manufacturing area and Warehouse.

Grain Based Ethanol Distillery Products & Equipment